ENDER ALUMINIUM Gaziantep Turkey


Adress : 2. Org. San. Böl. 27120 (TEAŞ Bitişiği) Başpınar - Gaziantep
Phone : +90 342 337 29 29 Fax : +90 342 337 12 29
Being in the sector since 1968 our company started to manufacture PVC Profile which is indispensable of modern construction in 1994 under "ENDERPEN" brand. In a very short time becoming one of the leading company ENDERPEN has never compromised from the quality as well as keeping economic, aesthetic and modern prefers in the forefront. Presenting modern solutions for modern buildings and lives ENDERPEN continues its works to catch the perfection of PVC windows on 37.000m2 area of which 25.000m2 is closed. ENDERPEN targeting the customer satisfaction from the first stage of the production of products to the end consumer with attentive works has a goal to get comfort and aesthetic to all places. Having the principle of being a leader all the time in the sector ENDERPEN uses the latest technology to catch the perfection and so be held up as an example in the sector. To prevent human errors the company uses Auto Supply Units (AUTOMATION) which is used in Turkey by a few companies. Thanks to these units every single profile is manufactured with the same formulation standard. ENDERPEN has different alternative profile options to meet the demands and needs of every consumers. Therefore the company has 8 different series and dozens of products and also manufactures any kinds of auxiliary profiles unremittingly. Besides these products the company manufactures sliding product wall cladding system under Endersiding brand which is preferred mostly in the latest years in its own facility. Targeting to manufacture quality products in every stage of the production constituted its own Quality Control Unit. With this unit the production is approved and presented to the customer admiration. With 17 year sectoral experience ENDERPEN brings quality, aesthetic and economy together and opens from Gaziantep to Turkey, Turkey to the world with technology, young and dynamic staff.
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